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Mobile device security is lacking at many organizations which is whynearly 40% of data breaches involve a mobile device.*

Whether it be through smart phones, tablets, laptops or USB drives, your private client information, trade secrets or patient health records are at risk as more and more business executives, HR managers and healthcare professionals use these devices. Either through careless negligence or targeted malicious intent, mobile devices are the not-so-secret ‘side-door’ to a wealth of proprietary information under your care. Protecting the security of mobile devices as rigorously as your other information assets is essential to avoid costly monetary and reputation damages.

Learn practical and effective strategies from senior cyber-security professionals on how to significantly reduce your risk exposure from mobile devices at an upcoming webinar hosted by Enterprise Risk Management, Inc.

To register for the 45 minute webinar session, use the link below. Once you register, we will

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*2011 Cost of Data Breach Study: United StatesPonemon Institute, March 2012  Figure 8 Georgios Mortakis,Director of Consulting ServicesCISSP, CISA, CRISC, PCI-QSA, PCI-ASVBS, Marketing & Computer Information SystemsMBA, Information Systems

MS, Computer Information Systems

15+ years experience in cyber-security

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