Mak Agulnik

“Serving on the Board of SFTA has given me the ability to work with many members of our community. Through the various events and educational training, we have been able to share and assist with technology development. There are many networking events which allow for collaboration with others in your field. The value of networking with my peers is priceless.”



“The sfta has grown to become South florida’s number one group for IT professionals and employers alike to network and gain from the educational sessions.”



“I am passionate about Information Technology as it enables mankind to see the world beyond its sight. I am fascinated with our ability to come together and do amazing things that are beyond our individual limits. This is the reason I am always active in South Florida IT work through non-profit organizations and SFTA stands out in all. I am proud to be part of its learning and networking initiatives. I am SFTA Membership Committee Chair and invite all to come forward and be part of SFTA’s amazing journey.”



“There is great commitment and passion by the entire SFTA Team to bring cutting edge technologies along with educating our community on how this would benefit companies, school, local governments and of course our membership. I truly enjoy collaborating with the SFTA and I am honored to be a Board Member of this great organization.”



“As one of the longest standing SFTA members, I would be hard pressed to find words to describe the value of engagement with the leadership and membership of this organization. If you show up and get involved you will absolutely receive value – just don’t expect anything to happen if you don’t make a commitment to participate on a regular and meaningful basis.”


John F

“I am a long time Member of the SFTA and have belonged to several Tech organizations in the area. I found the SFTA to be best suited for my needs. I enjoy the events they host and have learned much through my years from the various educational events I have attended. The people involved in the Organization are intelligent and genuine, and I am happy to say that I have developed relationships with many of them. The SFTA is one of the best investments of my time and money and I look forward to being a member for a long time into the future”

-John F

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