Bill WitiakBill Witiak became the accidental tourist to the cruise industry in 1987 when he was recruited from an award winning career in television to build Royal Caribbean’s on-board TV program.

After many successes developing new and innovative guest entertainment through in cabin televisions, Bill became responsible for Cruise Programs and Activities for Royal Caribbean. During his tenure he was responsible for creating many world-renowned industry innovations such as the shipboard miniature-golf courses, Studio B, the ice-skating rink, rock climbing walls, Interactive Performers troupe, shipboard parades as well as many other new and exciting games and activities.

Since his time at Royal Caribbean Bill has continued to work across the Industry in a variety of roles from leading the Entertainment department for American Classic Voyages to his current role as General Manager for MTN-TV where he was tasked with building another cruise industry first. In 2010 Bill launched the first global television service targeted at bringing live television programming to ships around the world. Now on 24 Cruise Lines and over 117 ships in less than five years MTN-TV has changed how ships do TV through Technology.

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