SFTA Overview

The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) promotes the growth, success, and awareness of the regional technology community. Through events, networking, programs and education, we provide South Florida’s technology-related companies, academic institutions, entrepreneurs, governments and related organizations with an active forum to grow the business of technology in our region.

We strive to provide to our members and the region with:

  • A vibrant network of companies, leaders, and institutions
  • A strong network of technology partners, regionally, nationally and globally
  • Capital resources and exit opportunities
  • Statewide & global awareness of the South Florida Technology Community
  • Influence within government and other policy-making bodies to support the growth, attractiveness, and health of the South Florida Technology Community
  • Strong, collaborative relationships between technology companies and the academic community

Through our membership, an active board and committees, the SFTA delivers the following programs and benefits:

  • Business networking for C-level executives and management via monthly programs and special events
  • Access to global and national technology partnerships
  • Expert technology business information at monthly events
  • The “Executive Connection” roundtable for CEOs and presidents of middle market technology companies
  • Collaboration with other technology-related organizations in the region
  • Support for business growth through entrepreneurship education and connections to capital resources
  • Regular newsletters, and advising on legislative initiatives that impact technology business growth
  • Building recognition of our local tech community as an economic force in the state through partnerships that lobby in Tallahassee
  • Partnering companies with universities to connect graduates with employment opportunities and retain talent in the region
  • A forum for building awareness of technology-related business and initiatives

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