London, Edinburgh, Dublin, New York & Boca Raton – 19 November 2014 – Xceed Group (, the company that is helping organizations accelerate transformational change, today launched their mX – Migration as a Service (mX-MaaS) offering for companies looking to run complex migration programs including data center and 2003 server migrations.

Designed for both traditional enterprise clients as well as service providers and GSI’s, MaaS combines the best features of Xceed Group’s mX migration accelerator platform as well as its newly released Flexible Infrastructure Managed Services offering.

“With mX-MaaS, both enterprise clients and service providers are able to apply an “on-demand” resource model to manage a variable workload, while also controlling risk,” says Xceed Group MD Paul McGolpin. “Migrations are complex events, and organizations have reason to be concerned over the potential for a migration to cause disruption to critical services. Without a clear understanding of the costs and timescales involved in a migration, and without the specific technical skills or ability to scale quickly to facilitate a program, migrations can become delayed and have a negative impact on a business. With mX-MaaS, Xceed removes these obstacles so that you can migrate with confidence, certainty and clarity.”

Key benefits of this new migration engine include allowing enterprises to accelerate migration timescales by 32.5%; modelling scenarios to explore costs and timescales and SLA based pricing with fixed firm price for 90% of requirements.

With teams across the US and EMEA, Xceed Group is delivering an ‘on-demand’ MaaS service, across a wide spectrum of technologies. Once a migration is complete, Xceed Group is able to run and support the new infrastructure to ensure it is delivering the anticipated performance, and can also outsource infrastructure management and support when required.

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