Professor Roy Balleste’s newly-published book, Internet Governance: Origins, Current Issues and Future Possibilities (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2015), is ranked #27 in Computer & Internet Law books and #41 in Science & Technology books after only one week of being available.

The book deals with Internet governance and includes computer history, Internet beginnings, institutions and stakeholders, proposed models of governance, and human rights.  The concept of Internet governance covers an exceptionally complex and rapidly changing field of norms and rules.  Its origins and conflicts engage many disciplines and give rise to technical standards with contributions from a wide range of stakeholders.  At the same time, the Internet has increasingly become the dominant reality for all the information processing industries.

This book provides an introductory, multidisciplinary account of the forces at work in the evolving concept of internet governance for scholars in the fields of computer, , international law, information and library science, international relations, diplomacy studies, and political science.

The book may be purchased on Amazon

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