Published October 3, 2011

Boca Raton,FL– The Research Park atFloridaAtlanticUniversityhas introduced its expanded name and new logo, taking another step forward in keeping with its recently announced strategic plan for growth.

After interviewing stakeholders, including members of the FAU academic community and existing and pastResearchParktenants, the Florida Atlantic Research & Development Authority Board voted to approve the new logo and formally modify the use of “FAU” to “FloridaAtlanticUniversity” in theResearchPark’s name.

“The significance of expanding “FAU” to “FloridaAtlanticUniversity” is a key element in the new name,” said Andrew Duffell, president and CEO of theResearchPark. “The full name together with the new logo in the FAU colors positions the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University squarely where is should be as the only university affiliated research park in South Florida.”

The 94-acre park, located inBoca Ratonon the north side of theFloridaAtlanticUniversitycampus and with an additional campus on I-95 inDeerfield Beach, was established in 1985 and is home to 22 technology companies, as well as a Technology Business Incubator with 22 startup technology companies.

“By maximizing connections to Florida Atlantic University’s growing research capabilities and promoting the Park as a leading resource for the research and technology communities in South Florida, we will continue to meet our goal as a key producer of new, high-wage sustainable jobs.” added Duffell.

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