BOCA RATON, FLORIDA – (November 12, 2014) –, a multinational provider of managed infrastructure services focusing on Colocation, Cloud Computing, Connectivity and Continuity achieves an historic critical milestone as it achieves 157,766,400,000 milliseconds (Five Years) of Continuous Uptime on it’s state of the art Cloud Infrastructure.

“Reaching and surpassing Five Years of continuous uptime is one of the proudest achievements as a company has achieved. This historic milestone proves through hard work, focused planning and the unwavering commitment to providing world-class technology and services; the sky is the limit,” said Jeffrey Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of “As we have grown through the years, we have focused on ensuring we are uniquely positioned to deliver above and beyond the “status quo,” further stated Mr. Davis.

As a SaaS provider that has clients all over the world, it is imperative that we provide uninterrupted service for our hosted environment. Our clients work around the clock and so must our cloud platform. We could not be more pleased with’s service. Achieving the five-year continuous uptime milestone further confirms they are the right provider to meet and exceed our cloud platform needs and demands” stated Pat Schaefer, CEO of 5iSolutions.

“We’re also in the process of going completely virtual and have found that’s flexibility allows us to grow as our clients’ needs grow. Overall, it is a much more cost effective solution to buy as the need arises versus investing huge dollars into technology and associated resources to deploy them only to have them become obsolete before fully utilized. The virtual platform allows us to stay current across the board. is our backbone both literally and figuratively” further stated Ms. Schaefer.

“The importance of 100% uptime as a goal has become increasingly more important to our clients looking for the right partner to host their mission critical applications. As the number of cloud providers continues to grow, having reached this goal truly separates from the competition. Not all applications are equal and not all cloud providers are the right fit as a result. Today’s enterprise client wants to know where their data is located, who is managing the infrastructure protecting the data, and whom they can talk to if they need advice or assistance,” stated Mr. Lenny Chesal,’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Additionally, we have established business interests in Central and Eastern Europe to enable business relationships with the ever growing Latin American market. The clients in these regions can take advantage of the robust connectivity of our multinational network and connect to our South Florida datacenters which are home to The Technology Hub of the Americas,” further stated Mr. Chesal. colocation solutions offer a “World-Class”, enterprise-level, safe and secure Data Center environment with redundant and robust network connections for companies to place mission-critical infrastructure including servers, storage devices, and VoIP switches. has multiple Data Centers available to protect data and applications as well as a hybrid solution of colocation and “Cloud” services leveraging its proprietary 4cNxGn Smart Cloud Architecture™.

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