Crowdfunding Friday: ‘Think Build Believe’ (and give!)

Maker-camp-photo-1The project: “Think Build Believe” is a documentary that chronicles the present and future of technology, education and human innovation. At the heart of the project are the Maker Movement and the high school FIRST Robotics Competition. The documentary will showcase the pioneering people and organizations that are exploring this new frontier of learning, creativity, economic development and manufacturing. The goal of the documentary is to spur more awareness and public policy support for programming accessible to STEAM (Science/Tech/Engineering/Art/Math) education. – “Think Build Believe” Kickstarter campaign

Nick-5After being exposed to both the FIRST Robotics Competition and the Maker Movement over the past year, Nicholas Monaco, founder and CEO of JumpArt Media with experience producing short and full feature films and music videos and pictured here, wants to create a full feature documentary on the  growing community of young people and adults designing and building things on their own.

“We’re focusing on the uprising of the South Florida maker community and we want to create a documentary that reflects what is happening on the national scale as well,” he said at a Startup Delray event this week, where the team’s Kickstarter campaign was launched and other groups in South Florida talked about their maker spaces and events happening in all three counties.

Monaco showed a video and presentation on the project, which also involves Simon Modery, a London-based film editor, Vincent De Vries (director of photography), Isaac Zapata (art direction, graphic design and production) and a team of advisors. The team is seeking $83,000 on Kickstarter to produce the documentary. On the Kickstarter campaign, there is much detail about the events and spaces the Think Build Believe team plans to film and leaders the team wants to interview. Monaco would even like to include a section on an innovative maker space in Haiti.

The goal is to produce the documentary over the next year and be ready for the 2014-2015 film festival circuit. The campaign ends Oct. 18, and like all Kickstarter campaigns, if the goal isn’t reached, the project is not funded.

Maker2IMG_7969Monaco said he was inspired to create the documentary after creating a video for a client about the FIRST Robotics program at McArthur High School. “I thought there was a bigger story that could be told,” he said. The project then evolved beyond the FIRST program to include more about what was happening in South Florida’s maker movement  and even beyond. “It made sense at that point to combine the two and create a broader discussion about the future and present of technology, education and human innovation,” he said.

“I believe there is a divide happening within our educational system. Programs like FIRST tap into the emotional aspect of learning, making it more effective than traditional learning curriculums. I believe we have to challenge our youth and each other to come up with solutions to specific world issues. By creating a world of doers and makers instead of consumers, our  economy will improve and  people will feel full of purpose. There are many aspects to what is happening with STEAM education and the Maker Movement. We hope to be able to touch on them all,” Monaco said. “In order to make the project happen, we need the support from others who believe in the project.”

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