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Kelly Merbler, Principal and Talent Activator The Kelly Merbler Company

Kelly Merbler is the example of a girl who took action on her dreams. For a whopping 21 years, she served as a leader in one organization where she climbed the ladder to success. Then came that one day when she realized she wasn’t living a life of purpose and decided to walk away from the big paycheck and stability of her career to follow a different path. She knew that she could do more and decided to build the job that aligned with her own strengths so she could focus on what she did best.

One year ago, she created, The Kelly Merbler Company, which is a leadership consulting firm that focuses on creating Strengths-based cultures for organizations. The primary goal is to help others find their strengths and build upon them to create higher employee engagement and retention.

In Kelly’s first year of business, she partnered with some of the most well-known and well-respected brands including Converse, City Furniture, The Breakers and The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection where she spoke about her journey, “From Paycheck to Purpose” through living a strengths-based life and taking ownership of your future by living in your strengths.

Kelly is the co-host for the LinkedIn Local Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach chapters and loves building a sense of community to help others find collaboration and encouragement.

You will find Kelly usually in the community where she frequently speaks at events or facilitates workshops for her clients. In her spare time, she enjoys writing quotes which is another passion of hers.
Kelly’s favorite quote: “My dream job wasn’t hiring, so I decided to build my dream job and hire myself.”

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