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Jamie Delsing, Managing Partner & Owner Consultis

Jamie is currently the Managing Partner at Consultis which a technology talent and project solutions agency based out of South Florida. Jamie is also the Consultis Chief Motivational Officer and known as “TriggerFISH.” If you want to know why the management team calls themselves “FISH,” Jamie is the answer. She established the Consultis FISH brand, which stands for FUN | INNOVATIVE | SAVVY | HARDWORKING. Our clients benefit from her nationwide marketing efforts

Jamie’s grandfather was one of the pioneers of the general labor staffing industry back in the 50s so it’s said to be “in her blood.” She has been a member of the Consultis team for nearly 30 years – Yes, back in the “green screen” days. She combines her history of industry knowledge with a talent for using innovative digital strategy to fill the sales pipeline.

Relationships Matter – this is a common theme that runs through Consultis and how Jamie manages her teams. She truly believes that the most valuable thing any company has is the talent of its people. She has not only had the opportunity to help our clients develop this asset, but also ensures that her employees feel this too by building a supportive, constructive, and positive work environment. Consultis was nominated by the South Florida Business Journal for one of South Florida’s Best Places to Work in 2019 and been recognized as one of the Top Woman Owned Companies in South Florida for the last 15 years.

Ms. Delsing is also the Chapter President of TechServe Alliance which is the only national association of technical consulting services. She has been the president for the last 10 years.

Jamies is a mother of three, has a passion for pilates, very involved in the community, and a true supporter of women’s leadership!

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