Top Tips to get the most leads at ITP – (or which end of the rainbow are you?)

Steve Earle is a veteran of the South Florida Tech scene and an ITPalooza co-founder

Getting the maximum ROI from exhibiting at ITPalooza will require you and your show team to put in a little elbow grease. That’s because ROI is a 2-way street. There are 2 important words here “Return” and “Investment”, those who are of the opinion that “Investment” only involves stroking a check, will not be well served.

We provide the atmosphere for you to do business – it’s not just a catchy tagline – it’s the “raison d’etat” of every event that the SFTA produces.

Here you’ll find a few strategies, tips and trick for ensuring that your sponsorship dollars result in the maximum ROI. We’re sort of looking at a “spectrum” of approaches – at one end are the winning strategies and at the other end are the worst-case scenarios.

#1 The Boy Scout

This is the “winning-end-of-the-spectrum”, the biggest return end. We all know someone like this, they are always prepared and in the case of exhibiting at a trade show, these are words to live by.

  • Plan ahead so your show teams know what’s expected of them
  • Register your booth staff so as to avoid issues at check-in
  • Arrive early to set up and deal with wrinkles
  • Bring all your booth collateral
    • banner, table drape, information packs, gifts, etc.
  • Prepare your event landing pages on your website
  • Check ahead of time with the ITP organizers for your booth number
    • Use this in your pre-event marketing when inviting guests
  • Develop an aggressive networking strategy for the day. This may include:
    • Attending speaker sessions
    • Attending the CIO-VIP lunch and VIP Party (ticket required)
    • Network in the VIP lounge
    • Visit other exhibitor booth and learn what they are offering

#2 Do Nothing

(There’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek here but not as much as you might think.) Obviously at the wrong end of the spectrum but still an approach adopted by many – this popular method is guaranteed to deliver the worst possible results. The strategy lays out something like this:

  • Arrive unprepared at the event,
  • sit in your booth all day and scowl at attendees as they scuttle by
  • Then, upon returning to your office, complain loudly about the lack of leads and poor ROI


According to the IAEE – International Association of Exhibitions and Events – vendors should have the following goals in mind when exhibiting at event like ITPalooza

ITPalooza is an opportunity for me to engage with industry professionals over a full-day of networking and education which allows me to strengthen current relationship while building new ones. I will have the opportunity to sit side-by-side with decision-making professionals who will allow me to establish new connections and gain insight into innovative ideas and trends. ITPalooza will allow me to engage with current and potential clients and service partners while exercising new strategies to solve my clients’ challenges in revolutionary ways.

#3 Network

Don’t be shy to introduce yourself

A few years ago, we conducted a survey of ITPalooza attendees. One of the questions was regarding the reason they attend ITPalooza. The overwhelming answer was ‘networking’.

As a strategy for delivering max ROI, networking is up there and ITPalooza certainly provides plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle with the regions top tech talent and decision makers.

Opportunities abound:- Sessions, Vendor Exhibit, VIP Lounge, CIO-VIP Lunch, Hallway meetups, VIP Party and more.

#4 Go Interactive

Creating an exhibit/booth space with interactive components is a sure-fire way to attract attention and collect fresh leads.

About the SFTA

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