You may be wondering why we built this website when there are so many other websites related to technology in Florida.  Well, that is just the problem.

SFTA has just announced a major campaign to strengthen and promote the technology community in South Florida and a key part of that is our effort to enhance the awareness of this community.  We want people from our region and from around the world to be able to easily find information about South Florida without having to search many different sites and calendars as has been the case until now.  Why does that matter?  Well, beyond the time wasted searching for information, it also means few people have more than a narrow view of the breadth, complexity and strength of the high technology community in Florida.  This distorts our view of ourselves, and short-changes the view others have of what is happening here.

Our objective is not to duplicate information on other websites, but to tell the viewer where that information is and how to get it.  This is an index, not a book, andt as everyone knows it is a lot easier to find what you are looking for if you go to the index, first.   We will be as inclusive as we can, and we welcome requests for additions (or subtractions if for some reason you do not want your site or event to be listed).  Our goal is to be as complete and comprehensive as possible

Please look the site over and see what it contains in the information pages, calendar and the blog.  We hope you will it useful.  If so, we ask you to:

  • Bookmark the site and come back often to check the calendar and the blog.
  • Tell your friends about it.
  • Let us know what you think, and how we might improve.
  • Join in the conversation this blog, on any subject of interest to the community (except advertising).

Thanks for participating!

About the SFTA

The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) promotes the growth, success and awareness of the regional technology community. Through events, networking, programs and education, we provide south Florida’s technology-related companies, academic institutions, entrepreneurs, governments and related organizations with an active forum to grow the business of technology in our region.


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