It’s very common to hear people say it is difficult to find venture funding for Life Science companies in Florida because VCs don’t come to Florida.  That is just not true.  While there are relatively few VCs with offices in this state, many VC’s visit to look for companies.

Just look at the Venture meetings that have been held, or will be held in South Florida in 2012:

  • Science, Partnering and Investment Forum – Palm Beach, May 21-22
  • EDC Biotech Conference – Miami, May 9
  • BioFlorida – Miami, Oct 7-9
  • SEBIO – Palm Beach, Oct 30-Nov 1
  • EDC Emerging Technology Business Showcase – Deerfield Beach, Nov 30
  • World Stem Cell Summit – Palm Beach, Dec 3-6
  • FIU Americas Venture Summit – Miami, Dec 13-14

And that doesn’t include the yearly Florida Venture Forum (next held in late January in Ponte Vedra) or the numerous venture meetings held pretty regularly in Orlando, Tampa and Gainesville.

All those conferences bring investors to the region to view company presentations.  Each meeting has multiple presentations scheduled.  That means there have been well over 100 opportunities for a company to pitch to investors, in Florida, in 2012

A disturbing fact is that most of these opportunities have been taken up by companies from outside Florida.  Maybe there really are not enough good companies in Florida looking for capital, or maybe we just have not done a good job publicizing these opportunities to Florida companies…..

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