Start-up City:Miami was held last Wednesday in Miami and it was very successful by any measure.  Sponsored by The Knight Foundation and The Atlantic magazine, it focused on the IT scene in Miami and specifically on the start-up community. Over 1100 attended!

The conference combined conceptual ideas about how to build a “hot” start-up community within the cityscape of Miami with practical discussions about support for entrepreneurs and their fund raising.  Much of the discussion involved ways to attract and support Latin American companies to build on Miami’s strong ties to that region.  All in all, it was both thought-provoking and challenging for everyone who attended.

Although Start-up City:Miami was not focused on the Life Sciences, the meeting contained ideas and information that would be useful for anyone in Life Sciences who is interested in the development of this region’s technology community.  A successful IT start-up scene in Miami would have positive effects on the entire community, bringing attention and funding, and any increase in Latin American interest would be valuable.

You can find more about this in the Miami Herald’s article.  The event website is at The Atlantic.

The South Florida Life Sciences community needs meetings like this to bring us together so we can collaborate on a shared vision for this region.  Without that communication and collaboration we will never achieve our goal to build a world-class Life Sciences center in South Florida.

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