This morning, the Jacksonville Business Journal ran an article about a new report by the Kauffman Foundation that could have great significance for South Florida.  In case you don’t recognize the name, the Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City is very active in supporting entrepreneurship in the US and it provides a number of tools for entrepreneurs on its website.

Kauffman is proposing that the immigration law be changed to give fast track to US citizenship for foreigners who set up new tech companies.  It is an incentive to keep tech students and H1B holders in this country, and to attract new immigrants.

South Florida has several significant advantages over our competition for Life Science companies.  Of course, our weather is one.  However, our association with Latin America is much more important.  The start-up scene in this area, particularly in Miami, is hot right now and a major driver of that is the Latin American entrepreneurs now working in the city or considering a move.  A visa opportunity like this could turn the trickle into a flood – and raise all the ships in South Florida.

Write your senator and your congressman, and tell them you support this idea.

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