I just read a book called, “Startup Communities – Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City”, by Brad Feld, and I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in the Knowledge Economy of South Florida.

Feld is a successful entrepreneur who is one of the leaders who have made Boulder, Colorado, the city with one of the highest start-up densities in the world. Its community is multi-specialty – IT, Biotech, clean tech, healthcare and natural foods – and it originated in ways similar to our circumstances in South Florida.

Feld doesn’t recommend how a city can become another Silicon Valley. Rather, he focuses on how a smaller center can become extremely successful on its own. He discusses fundamental principles and gives specific examples of what was successful in Boulder and elsewhere and always stresses the practical, how-to-do-it ideas.

Underlying it all, he makes several key points:

“It is my belief that Boulder is unique because the entrepreneurs and other participants in Boulder’s startup ecosystem have a greater sense of community than anywhere else in the country.”

“…there was no strategic plan. Government had little to do with it and there weren’t committees wading in bureaucratic quicksand wasting hundreds of hours of people’s time strategizing about how to create more start-ups. Boulder caught fire because a few dozen entrepreneurs believed in their hearts that a rising tide lifts all boats and they derived great pleasure from helping make that happen.”

“All it takes is a small group of credible people to lead by example.”

This book is a must read for anyone interested in the Knowledge Community in South Florida. Its recommendations are very relevant.

All we need to do it decide to take action and we can be successful, too.

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