Exclusive Tech Talent Fest Offers

“Thank you for supporting TECH TALENT FEST and SFTA!”

Now, for the fun part — As an attendee of Tech Talent Fest, you have an exclusive opportunity to apply for any open positions at Tech Talent Fest before you go VIRTUALLY with GoGig’s technology.


SFTA Membership Offer, Learn. Connect. Grow.

When you join the SFTA you are joining the South Florida Tech Community. A community of over sixty thousand technology professionals working in companies large and small across a broad range of industry sectors.


You’ll have access to targeted regional events designed to bring your subject matter that is both relevant, topical and educational. Share your experiences with other members and learn from theirs.

The SFTA offers you many vibrant Peer-Networking possibilities. Connect with new business opportunities and exchange knowledge while building your peer group.

As an SFTA member, you’ll have access to some of South Florida’s most influential technology leaders. Learning to promote and leverage your talent will help you grow your network and your business.

What you get!

• Generous discounts on tickets to all SFTA events and qualifying partner events

• Self-managed directory listing on SFTA website

• Best networking opportunities at all SFTA events

• Professional development through topical coverage of trends in technology


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